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Sealcoating Guide for You!

Professional asphalt sealcoating contractors are thoroughly trained in their high-quality service. You can always count on them if you are not sure how to do it or if you cannot do it on your own. If the space receives too much asphalt, the coating can become too thick and result in more damage than if it was thin. Thinner coatings are better at moving air, which reduces the chances of traffic forming ruts. If ruts do form after the coating has been applied, you can fix them by adding another coat. Here are 3 important guidelines you need to know with sealcoating:

Required Number of Coats

Professional contractors usually apply two to three coats of asphalt to provide long-lasting protection. However, there is no set rule for applying more coats, as this is always case-by-case, even with the same asphalt product. The amount of asphalt placed on the surface also depends on the temperature, humidity, and shade of the day. The smoother and cleaner the surface is to start with, the fewer coats you will need!

The Surface should be Cleaned First

Floors should always be clean and free of liquids when sealcoating is applied. It is not a good idea to apply sealcoating on wet surfaces or on surfaces where there is standing water. Ruts form when the sealcoating is applied on wet surfaces. Therefore, the wet asphalt should be dry before the sealcoating is applied.

The Use of Brushes and Paint Rollers

Professional contractors often use 10-inch-wide brushes and paint rollers during sealcoating. The latter is preferred for applying sealcoating because they are easier to remove than the former. Most asphalt sealcoating contractors will use a pair of paint rollers, using the first roller with the second one when the first one is covered with asphalt. If a contractor uses latex paint, make sure it is highly water-resistant. Many contractors use Kilz primer, which you can check by putting a small bit on the tip of your tongue. If it tastes bad, it is probably not latex-based.

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