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More About Asphalt Repair and What to Expect From Our Contractors

Flatline Striping LLC is a local contractor that for many years has been providing the local community with an array of asphalt services including sealcoating, stripping, and even asphalt repair. On this page, we have taken the time to explain a little bit more about the ways we complete a repair project. Keep reading below and if you have any questions, feel free to reach us for more details. Asphalt Coating Columbus GA

Cold patch 

 Patch is typically purchased from home improvement chains and comes in bags. It is very easy to apply using a shovel and square hand tamper. We use this technique to mitigate tripping hazards or car tire damage until the client decides to invest in a new resurfacing project.

Saw cut & removal

 We perform this job by identifying areas of asphalt failure with paint markers, snapping a chalk line, saw cutting the perimeter, excavating the cracked asphalt, replacing it with a new hot mix and compacting with a vibratory roller. We use this technique for alligator cracks which requires a full depth replacement.

Infrared restoration 

 This is an asphalt repair alternative to the removal and replacement process. With the use of a special heater positioned over the pothole, we heat the area to 400 degrees. With the help of other tools, we prepare the area and install freshly mixed asphalt. This type of repair process is ideal for highways or commercial parking lots because the job can be completed quickly.


 Skin patched or surface patching is a temporary repair which outlasts the cold patch. We typically use it when emergency repairs are needed in high traffic areas where the cold patch will be eroded from constant car traffic. We guarantee the quality of our work, and confident enough to promise that, if you hire us for this type of asphalt repair service in Columbus, GA you will enjoy the solid results for a long time.

Call us Whenever You Need Our Paving Repair Service!

The four methods you see above are just a few of the methods our contractor in Columbus, GA can provide for you. It is important you book an appointment for a consultation so we can come to your property and inspect the area. Only then can we give you an accurate solution and quote. For more details, reach Flatline Striping LLC at (760) 589-8148 today.