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Different Types of Asphalt Mix to Choose From

Choosing the Right Asphalt Mix for the Asphalt Paving Service

With proper maintenance and immediate repairs, asphalt would last for a decade or so. When hiring an asphalt paving service, one thing you need to tackle is the materials you will be using for the asphalt paving. They must know what type of asphalt mix to use for your home’s pavement or walkway. Below are the different types of asphalt mix.

Stone Matrix Asphalt

This type of asphalt mix is pretty expensive, but the price comes with great benefits. It has more asphalt content compared to other types of mix. They are popularly used in big projects with heavy vehicle traffic. They can last for a long time amidst the number of vehicles traveling on it and the weather it has to endure. Most asphalted roads use this type of asphalt mix. Even if you are only using it for your driveway, it is still a great investment. They keep your car safe even if you have a sloping driveway because of its friction capacity.

Dense-Graded Mix

This type of asphalt mix has other varieties: the fine-graded and coarse-graded mix. The asphalt paving service provider would be able to help you to choose the right grade for the subgrade that you have on your property. The grade of the asphalt mix would also depend on the weather condition in your place. If you are in a place where it rains a lot, this would be the right asphalt mix for you. Since it is water-resistant, water would not go to the subgrade.

Open-Graded Mix

If the subgrade on your property is compact, this is the right asphalt mix for your property. This asphalt mix has large voids on it that allow water to seep through the subgrade. Motorists will be safe driving on this asphalt mix because water would not stay on top of the asphalt. This type of asphalt mix is quite expensive, but the installation process is not that expensive anymore. This type of asphalt mix needs high maintenance though. If the pores on the asphalt are clogged or sealed, it will reduce its stability.

An asphalt paving contractor will be able to help you choose the right asphalt mix. For a reliable asphalt paving service in Columbus, GA, come to Flatline Striping LLC.

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