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How to Hire a Paver in Your Area

Tips for Hiring a Local Paving Contractor


A decorative driveway or walkway can be a valuable addition to any property. This is especially if the pavement has been built and maintained by a local paving contractor. It can be daunting to look for one as pavement projects are expensive. In this article, you will read some tips on how to hire the right paver near you:

  • Research Contractors – It helps to know more about the paving contractors near your area. There are some who can only work with asphalt or concrete materials. Others may provide their services for residential or commercial clients. One way of finding potential contractors is by asking those close to you. You may have a family member, neighbor, or close friend that knows or has worked with a contractor in the past.
  • Inquire Credentials – When contacting a potential contractor, you should inquire their complete credentials. A credible paver must have the right licenses and certifications for their services. They acquire these credentials through hours of learning and applying trade methods within industry standards. They do so to ensure proper and precise pavement work while following client project details.
  • Insurance – It is also recommended to look for an insured paving contractor. Even with proper safety measures, accidents can happen throughout paving work. You should ask the contractor about their insurance coverage. Some can shoulder property damage while others can compensate worker injuries.
  • Ask References – You should also ask the paving contractor about their previous client references. Contacting the latest ones can help you determine how the paver provides their services. If possible, visit project site locations to see their workmanship with your own eyes.
  • Get Estimates – Another hiring tip is to get estimates from three or more paving contractors near your area. You will have to look for one that offers the most reasonable estimate. While location can affect travel costs, you should also factor materials, experience, and work attitude.

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