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Four Threats to a Driveway You Should Know About

Over time, driveways wear out, which is a problem for many homeowners and business owners. Experiencing wear and tear is inevitable. However, the majority of this deterioration is caused by a small number of driveway threats that can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your parking lot, path, or anything else constructed from concrete or asphalt. To avoid the constant need for paving repair, know some of these threats:

Small Cracks

Cracks in your driveway’s surface might seem like a minor issue at first. However, these can rapidly expand, allowing other driveway dangers to causing even more damage to your driveway. A microfracture in your driveway, for instance, might not look like much from the outside, but it actually extends deep enough into the material to let water in. It can quickly eat away at your driveway’s substance.

The Weather

The elements of nature are another common enemy of driveways. Your driveway could be damaged by the sun, rain, snow, and even haze. They are a potential time bomb that could set off a chain reaction of issues that you will have to address. Therefore, it is essential to know how to protect your driveway from specific types of weather.

Leakage of Fluids

Liquids of various types can seep into or sit dormant on your driveway, and eventually become a problem. Water is the most prevalent fluid on Earth. Without you even noticing, it can quickly deteriorate your driveway. In addition to water, oil is another liquid to watch out for because of the damage it can do to an asphalt driveway. Sugary drinks should also be avoided because they attract pests and insects that can then burrow into the weakened pavement.

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